Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 23

You have played every type of paintball, what is your

favourite these days?

I still like them all, scenario games, big games, Supair, Ultimate Woodsball tournaments (UWL), they all give me something different. Sometimes you need to just chill out and play for fun (remember that’s why we all started playing in the first place) and other times you want a proper battle.. If I had to choose my last ever game I think it would be a woodland tournament of some kind. Ask the Disruption guys if I’m any good in the woods :-)

I heard a rumour that you also played a bit of airsoft, True or False?

True… I have to say I love it, but not all of it. I’m a CQB Airsofter pretty much exclusively. I like to go to venues that I couldn’t play Paintball in due to safety issues. I have played in Chemical factories up gantries 4 stories up and had a blast. If I had played Paintball it would be slippy in 5 minutes and people would be slipping off the gantries to their deaths.. So any CQB stuff I’m up for.. If I had a choice between Airsoft and Paintball, Paintball would win hands down every time.

'Sometimes you need to just chill out and play for fun'