Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 22

How has EG Smoke grenades effected your

game play?

In so many cool ways. I wasn’t convinced the smoke would be any good as I’ve seen some rubbish smoke over the years but the EG stuff is thick and dense. We have been able to use the EG Smoke grenades to distract, conceal and dominate the opposition… We have become like the Black Smoke Monster from Lost :-)

Do you see smoke being used more in paintball competitions like the UWL?

I hope not, I like the advantage it gives us. If anyone is thinking of using it in the UWL or anywhere, I wouldn’t bother ;-)

Had you thought about using smoke before it was suggested to you?

Nope, not at all. Even when are first shipment arrived Stoney was like “take these out with you”. I didn’t want too at all but to keep him happy I did. In the next game there was a standoff near a swing flag on the tape line. I popped a smoke, crawled into the thick smoke coverage and switch the flag to our colour. Easy, not even a shot fired. I then crawled past their defensive line and took out the two guys I had been battling with for 5 minutes!!! Should have done it 4 minutes earlier…