Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 20

My Name is Ledz or Antony Leadbetter and for what makes me special, well I can drink a pint pretty quickly……………………….I’ve been playing Paintball since 1986, I’m one of the owners of Planet Eclipse. Played Pro Paintball with Banzai Bandits and Nexus, played for Team GB and I’m the Captain/Owner the Sandbaggers. Apart from that I’m just a baller like everyone else.

What was your first experience of paintball?

I played a customer day that a friend organised back in 1986. Goggles were not really compulsory. If you shot 20 balls in a day through the fairground modified air rifles then you were like Rambo.. But I was hooked from that day till now…

Who are you & what makes you so special?

'Goggles were not compulsory'