Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 2

Not bad considering all of our products are classed as explosive and carry more red tape than you could possibly imagine.

We have just opened a brand new manufacturing facility that is assembling our latest designs which are due for release late 2014/early 2015.

Working a year in advance and with CE, Canadian and American approvals under our belt we are looking forward to 2015, we would like to thank all of the fields and stores that have stuck with us along this journey.

The advantages of pyro in any simulated battle is obvious.......

Enola Gaye has been manufacturing smoke grenades and frag grenades since 1996, it wouldn't be too unfair to say that we have revoultionised the game with our designs and pyrotechnic distribution.

We are a British company that has just opened its second distribution hub in Las Vegas, Nevada. Enola Gaye smoke grenades are now available in the USA, Canada, NZ, across Europe and of course in the UK.....