Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 13

With the wide variety of colors, and now the release of the burst smokes and the EG-18’s, you don’t need much imagination to find cool ways to incorporate them into gameplay. They can be used as “demo’s” to mark blown objectives, “nerve agent” eliminating anyone who comes in contact with it, signal smokes, simple concealment, and so much more.

We use the smokes heavily in every large op as well, including American Milsim’s Operation Blue/Gray, Airsoft GI’s Tim vs. Bob, and many others. At one point during Tim vs. Bob there were close to 100 Enola Gaye smokes going off simultaneously. We stick with Enola Gaye over any other company because of the consistency and reliability of their products.

Humility aside, have you visited any other fields that you aspire to or is Ballahack leading the way?

Ballahack has sort of grown in a bubble. This has helped us focus on what we believe is right for our field and its growth. It has prevented us from suffering the sin of comparison. In other words, we don’t lose sleep because of what other fields are doing, and instead we focus on those who matter most to us: our community and our players.