Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 12

How Fast has Airsoft grown in the USA over the

past few years?

Airsoft is still an infant in the United States. It is growing rapidly but still has not found all of its roots. The industry has nowhere to go but up and we want to be a part that growth and hopefully be an example, at least in some ways, of how to do it right and safely. We need more fields that respect the potentially dangerous technology we are using.

Your field has been retailing Enola Gaye smoke for a few years now, how important is smoke to your game play now?

Hot burn smoke is not allowed on our field. This is where Enola Gaye has stepped in and saved the day. We are allowed to use cold burn smoke and, recognizing it as something that radically changes the environment and dynamics of gameplay, we have exploited it to the max. We have used thousands of Enola Gaye smokes on the field and there is seldom a game that players aren’t utilizing them for concealment or that we are not incorporating them as an objective of some sort.

'The industry has nowhere to go but up and we want to be a part of that growth'