Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 10

Ballahack Airsoft who are you?

Ballahack Airsoft Field is a 99-acre airsoft site in

Chesapeake Virginia, owned and operated by father and son Chris and Christopher Wratten. The field currently averages 300-400 players each weekend and holds multiple large operations every year, some reaching over 600 players. The AO has a nice blend of wooded terrain, swamps, marshes, trails, clearings, ditches, and ambient bunker sites, with a centralized MOUT site at its center. It also features a four-story rappel tower that is frequently used by Military and Law Enforcement. Our Pro-Shop is onsite in our 4,500 sq. ft. staging area.

When did the field open up for its first day?

Ballahack was born from struggle. We needed a way to save our land. In July of 2007 I drew up flyers and walked around from store to store passing them out to anyone who might be interested in playing airsoft. To my surprise we had 60 players show up our first day. Then began the long, arduous road of city permits, regulations, insurance, and the mountain of everything else involved in establishing an airsoft field. Seven years later, we have one of the highest consistent player count fields in the US and are growing fast.