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11 LANDLORD, FIRE AND SAFETY SERVICES AS A LANDLORD AND PROPERTY OWNER you are by law required to ensure your premises comply with current regulations. If you occupy an office, restaurant, business or shop, run a shopping centre or are a landlord or property owner you will need to ensure your property complies with the associated British Standards for both installations, maintenance and continued compliance certified testing and servicing. Greg & Co can assist with ensuring your property is compliant with the following: Residential Services On Going Compliance XXCP12 (Gas safety inspection) Greg & Co understand the importance of continued compliance and have designed and built their own bespoke management system: The Greg & Co Management System (GMS) developed and launched in 2006. Over the years it has been tailored to cater for businesses’ and clients’ needs. The system notifies the clients and/or landlords by email that an inspection is coming up. Greg & Co then follow up the email with a phone call in order to ensure compliance is met at all times and our clients’ assets are continually protected. XXBoiler Servicing XXElectrical installation Condition Reports (EICR) XXPortable appliance testing (PAT testing) XXSmoke detector checks and installations XXProperty Surveys & Reports Commercial Services XXFire alarms Systems XXEmergency Lighting Systems XXPortable appliance testing (PAT testing) XXElectrical installation Condition Reports (EICR) XXFire extinguisher systems The GMS has some unique features detailed below: XXHistoric information on every job attended XXMaterials and time spent on each job request XXCost break-down XXRecommendations and quotations sent for further work XXAll of these reports can be printed and/or emailed CALL US NOW ON 0207 033 3682 TO SET UP A SERVICE PLAN TO PROTECT YOUR ASSETS AND STAY COMPLIANT 0207 033 3682