Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 9

The Office The items on the cabinet shelves evidence a diverse history… Framed on the wall are 200- to 300-year-old coins and proclamations from the years the Palace of Versailles was occupied. The signed paintings on the mantle are of two Baraboo, Wisconsin, landmarks: The Ringling House and the Al. Ringling movie theatre. Artist William Dyke (former mayor of Madison and candidate for Governor of Wisconsin) in a bit of whimsy, included Sherry’s daughter’s name on the theatre’s marquee. Dyke has also been honored with a statue in his likeness along the Greenwald Gardens’ Memorial Boulevard. The antique fireplace mantle was saved from her church parsonage and has been with Sherry for several decades. The fireplace surround was made by the same gentleman who fulfilled the design for the stained-glass wall. Giving reality to the invisible, the library shelves swing open to access the hidden storage area and a future trap door and are framed by privately commissioned stained glass peacocks. Peacocks are one of the most elegantly adorned animals on earth, royally prized for their vibrant colors and proud stance. 5