Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 8

The Office Office Display Cabinet The cut glass and beaded door panels were custom-made to fit the entry to this office. Wishing to create a place that would stimulate creativity. Sherry used bold colors for this room. She lined the wall with the images of men from literature, music, science and politics (Shakespeare, Chopin, Pasteur, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Lincoln). All had been declared a failure by society—then only to rise above levels of public understanding which led to universal respect and admiration. The red violin leaning against Sherry’s portrait atop the cabinet was a prop used for one of Sherry’s modeling commissions. The cherry display cabinet has emotional attachment for Sherry, as it was her reward for creating a successful business company in 1983. She utilized the profits from her first year to purchase this splendid piece of furniture. 4