Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 6

Marble Entrance Hall Classically Italian, the Marble Hall imparts a theme that is mildly contrary to other areas of the Manor. The marble floor has bronze sunflower medallions cast in Illinois. Sherry’s father said his family was the sunflower/sunshine of his life. Each family member had an endearing relationship. Guardian angels look down from the rounded ceiling as they joyfully bless invited guests. The tapestry at the end of the hall is sizeable enough that with imagination, guests can transport themselves to another time. Originally used to reduce drafts along castle walls, these tapestries are now favored for their decorative impact. The imperial Roman soldier bust was purchased from the prestigious Red Barons Antiques in Atlanta and is cleverly handcarved of tri-color marble. His expression personifies the Latin motto “Know thyself.” The period silk umbrella in the stand once belonged to H.H. Bennett, a wellknown nature photographer who made the Wisconsin Dells famous. The sensational 100-year-old horse chandelier originally illuminated a prominent Southern estate. The photo on the southern wall is the priceless original of Sherry’s maternal grandparents. Office W ashroom In the office washroom off the Great Hall, you’ll find a richly carved antique French coat rack, which Sherry discovered in New Zealand and hand-carried back to the U.S. The photos displayed on the coat rack are of Sherry’s parents. The first floor washrooms contain Louis XVI palace-style commodes combining exotic wood marquetry and bronze mounts. The sink is hand-painted porcelain by Porché. The faucet handle has a semi-precious cut stone in it, cut in Madison, Wisconsin. Two framed horse paintings in the office washroom portray the magnificent black horses owned by the family…one a skilled polo horse, one a sure-footed trick horse. On the south wall are Sherry’s oldest daughter’s senior class pictures. The nymphlike gazelle leaping through the fields is her youngest daughter, Victoria. o 2