Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 49

East Bedroom Suite The Parlor The sitting area in this room is also practical. This petite desk is a functional computer desk as well, with a matching corner cabinet to store desk supplies. The 3 painted portraits resemble: Gentlemen on north wall—Victoria’s father Lady playing clavichord on left of east wall— Victoria’s father’s mother (a Carnegie Hall pianist) Lady playing harp on right of east wall — Victoria’s mother’s mother (talented musician of many instruments) W ashroom The painting of Sherry’s youngest daughter in her washroom was commissioned as her 4th birthday present. The “Secret Garden-look” closet doors have an interesting history. Sherry was walking through the dark, dirty corners of an old warehouse in St. Louis when saw these mostlyhidden mahogany doors. She had them pulled out for viewing and negotiated the purchase. She later drove a trailer back to St. Louis to pick them up. It took several men to carry the frame and doors up to the east bedroom. The closet entrance had to be resized to accommodate the untraditional doors. The photo on the wall is that of Sherry’s mother…it has an embroidered background of a napkin stitched by Sherry’s grandmother. 45