Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 48

East Bedroom Suite The magnificent bed in the East Bedroom was handmade. It arrived three years after the custom order was placed. This royal bed is without a doubt one of the most impressive pieces of furniture in the Manor. Daughter Victoria falls asleep at night gazing up at family photos on the ceiling. Gathering family from far distances to pose and then arranging the shots was a bit of a challenge. The background had to be secured to the ceiling while the photographer, laying on the floor, took the photos of the subjects. This room has the most expensive moulding. The artist used 3 different colors of gold. As the young daughter grew to a lovely lady, so did her room decor. In 2010, the formal French wall panels were crafted. In 2011 the panels were completed and secured in typical chateau balance. As in the west suite, open the double doors and step out onto the room’s private balcony with stellar garden vistas. The display cabinets include porcelain from Europe and precious personal memorabilia. The lighting fixtures are all Capodimonte porcelain from Italy. o 44