Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 47

Gentlemen’s Bathroom Sherry wanted a unique, but masculine look to this significant utility so she designed the ironwork and commissioned the welding to be applied to exterior walls. The interior walls are marble. This room has the largest of the mouldings inside the Manor. The lights are carved from alabaster stone. The stone in the faucet was selected and hand-cut in Madison. The vanity and plant-stand is birdseye maple with brass embellishments. o Laundry Room The laundry room hides many conveniences including a pressing station to best finish laundered garmets. The washer and dryer are perfectly set within a custom-created pan with drains. Sherry’s father designed this in order to prevent a possible water leak or overspills. The shells are from exotic scuba diving experiences. o The Manor’s one-of-a-kind elevator is hand embellished with finely crafted inlaid marquetry. It serves the first, second and third floors. 43