Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 45

Ladies’ Master Bathroom Additional items in the display cabinet include: o 8-carat emerald-cut ring Darwin N. Greenwald gave to his wife for their 55th anniversary. The center stone totaling 6.6 carats; a total of 189 diamonds in the ring o Amber beaded imperial necklace from Russia o Pearl and necklace from antique collection from family friend o Astonishing blue topaz royal ring o Hand created shell necklace o Pearl and solid gold matching pearl necklace/earrings from family admirer o Crystal broach and case from Glenn in Dubai o Amethyst and cut diamond ring from Mexico o Uncut emerald and diamond ring o Garnet ring from Berlin o Embellished crystal neck-collar from Warsaw, Poland o Blue Faberge-inspired egg in honor of Sherry’s grandsons o Cat’s Eye stone and rose ɥ݅́MéɅѡˊéչӊéݕɥYхɍͥє͕Ёٕͥ((((0