Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 42

Ladies Master Bathroom ’ Ladies V anity ’ The vanity was painted by Jack Rucinski. the artist who painted the ceiling in the Vivaldi room. Tender care is taken not to blemish the hand-painted vanity cabinets. It is a French country scene. The stone used for the faucet was selected and carved in Madison. The sink is hand-painted porcelain. The room is set up so that, standing in front of the mirror at the vanity, one can see their back in the full mirror by the shower. The toilet is angled for a comfortable view of the countryside, as a chair would be. There is a chest placed next to it, where the lady of the house can put her personal items. After showering, she can sit to dry off, get her hair brush and nighty from the drawers, brush her hair, slip on the nighty—all without having to relocate. The shower is designed so that the bather can sit and have back water-massage at same time as front. The second shower head is also very 38