Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 39

Master Bedroom Suite Vasa Ship was commissioned by Gustav II Adolf during 1628. Currently it is housed in it’s private museum at Stockholm Sweden. It is outstanding proof that one’s palace can be located anywhere. Incredibly preserved after this warship sank in the harbor, the celebrated carvings are unrivaled and breathtaking pieces of art. Millions have viewed the Vasa ship and it is still earning its status as a priority destination masterpiece. South Right Center South Left Center Tivoli Gardens: Villa d’Este, is the masterpiece of all water gardens. The volumes of water which flow down from the mountains and aqueducts under the city enable an unprecedented aquatic force of water theatre. With its elegant concentration of fountains, nymphs, grottos, and music, these gardens are supreme over all others in a much-copied model for European gardens in the mannerist and baroque styles. The many extraordinary garden terraces beckon ones imagination to the hanging gardens of Babylon. A reverent study of Villa d’Este’s marble statues by Sherry and her daughters was interrupted when a playful teenager ran nude through one of the fountains. Though authorities intervened, the memory is yet fodder for family conversations. Custom Painted Cornice Murals 35