Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 31

W est Bedroom Suite Sherry drafted her daughters’ bedroom balconies. Standing in the gardens, she would recite in jest, paraphrasing the famous line from Cyrano de Bergerac: “If you let fall upon me one hard word, Out of that height—you crush me!” The tapestry is of Lake Como in Italy, though rest of the room is intensely French. Golden columns stand guard next to both beds and are duplicates of the columns in Russia’s Archangel Cathedral which guard the czars in the Kremlin. The gold framed, oval pink girl and blue boy tapestries were needlepointed by Sherry’s grandmother, circa 1945. There is a private exit from this room to the garage floor. The storage area access connected out of this room is just one of the many things which engineers said could not structurally be achieved, yet Darwin N. Greenwald calculated a way to make it work. This storage area above the garage is the size of a small room and filled with shelves. o Each bedroom suite has its own personal environment and music options. Recessed remotes in this room control the blinds, television, fireplace and in-room stereo. Most of the closet lights in the manor are set to turn on when the door is opened. French Blue W ashroom The outstanding feature in this room is the vanity. It is the china buffet of Sherry’s grandmother. The dimensions of the room were constructed around this piece. The sink and toilet are trimmed in polished gold. The bath has a seat option so the bather can sit and receive a water massage from the front and back. The mirror is set up with a rear-view mirror on the door. o 27