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The Office been brought to the nest by its parents. Since the parents were nearly 30’ long and weighed about 3 tons, we can assume that the Hadrosaur was too large to incubate its eggs by sitting on the nest. Instead, warming for incubation would have been provided by vegetation—when placed on the nest this would ferment and release heat. Modern crocodiles incubate their eggs in exactly the same way. By the end of the lower Cretaceous a cataclysmic event caused the mass extinction of all the dinosaurs. Samarian Bead Necklace 2500 BC Black and white Samarian beads. Egyptian Necklace 1000 BC The blue and brown beads are Egyptian and satisfy the dress code for admission to the court of Ramses II and Nefetari. Excellent Cylinder Seal - Arcadian Deities in a Boat 2300 BC A primitive cylinder seal with the representation of a boat in combination with another scene. The boat is propelled by two horned deities through a stream or canal, beside which are horned animals and reeds. The boat seems to be of a round coracle style used in the East. If it relates to Shamash (the most possible) it may be that it is sailing through the upper or lower heavens. In the field is a crescent Egyptian moon and a star. Cylinder seals mummy were first made in Mesopotamia, bead mask soon after 3500 BC. Paper had not been invented, so documents were written in cuneiform (wedge-shaped characters made into wet clay to provide pictorial symbols for words and syllables) on clay tablets and then wrapped in clay envelopes. The seals were used to make an impression (or ‘seal’) in the soft clay, to indicate that the message on the tablet was genuine. In the same way, important documents are still sometimes ‘sealed’ by making an impression in bright red sealing wax. People continued to use cylinder seals to ‘seal’ ancient documents for about three thousand years. Babylonia Agate Weight Bead 2500 BC The metrology of ancient Mesopotamia is very complicated, but key to understanding much of the mathematics as units are often silently converted in the middle of a problem. Units of length, weight, area, capacity and so on and the relationships between them changed frequently in both space and time. However, by the Old Babylonian period, the systems were much simpler than during the Sumerian period. For the large bulk of mathematical problem texts, there is a relatively standardized set of measurements, although there are plenty of exceptions. Egyptian Mummy 5ͬ ((啅ȵ ͅͽ͡ɕݥѠѡ5ȁ5ȸ5%х丁Q̰ݡєѼѡѠ幅䀠дԁ ͡ѼݡЁ́qЁٕɱtѽɅյ䁥ͥݽͽ͡ MՍ ́ݕɔѥձɱ䁉ٕѥ̰ݡٕѡݽձ͕ٔ́Չѥє䁅ѕȁѠ()ѥЁ ѥ((((0