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The Office Fossil of Knightia (Pipe fish) 35 million years old These extinct fish were similar to our herring fish. Specimens have been found measuring up to 10”. They were freshwater fish who swam in large pools. Scientists speculate that the Knightia’s sudden demise could have been caused by poisonous volcanic gases, temperature fluctuations, supply shortages or algae blooms. in two- or three-story brick houses. Their streets were well laid out and the drainage system was fairly acceptable. Indus Valley Pottery Bust of Mother Goddess 3000 BC Indus Valley Pottery Bull 3000 BC Christian Bronze Cross 1600 AD Roman Gold Intaglio Ring 5 AD Mosasaurus Tooth in Matrix 65 million years old years old A tooth from a Mosasaur in Matrix, a marine reptile predator which roamed and was ubiquitous on earth during the era of the dinosaurs. Mosasaurus ate large fish, shellfish, sharks and mollusks. Geometeric Fossil 180 million years old Hadrosaur Dinosaur Egg 65 million years old In 135 CE the Emperor Hadrian The Hadrosaur, or “duck-billed” declared a new city on the site of dinosaur, walked like a duck, had Jerusalem, called Colonia Aelia a beak like a duck, webbed feet Capitolina. A new municipal like a duck and a shaky pelvis plan was introduced which like a duck. Hadrosaurs occupied bore hardly any resemblance Upper Cretaceous Europe, Asia to the former city. Indeed the and North America. They were Roman influence is felt to this members of the Ornithopoda, the day: the main streets of the Roman Gold Intaglio Ring ancestors of modern birds. But the Old City still follow the Roman Hadrosaur did have a “trick up it’s grid. The Forum, established in the city center, sleeve,” an air-filled bony crest on top of its head consisted of public buildings including a temple which acted as an air reservoir. This warmed the of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love. The inhaled air, enabling it to breathe “fire” from it’s Roman 10th Legion was camped in the western nose. There is no evidence, however, from fossil part of town near the Citadel. Jerusalem was no remains that the delicate bones of the nose were longer the country’s capital nor its economic ever exposed to high temperatures regularly. center. Its religious status also declined: Jews The newly hatched Hadrosaur was less than 14” were not permitted to enter, while Christianity long and weighed about 1.5 pounds. It ate fruits, was still a forbidden religion. leaves and other plant material that may have 10 Artifact Collection