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The Office used to designate materials. Their use should, however, be limited 10 jadeite and nephrite group of minerals and is a silicate of calcium and magnesium. Its crystalline structure has the appearance of hair-like fibers felted together to form a closely integrated mass, giving it its strength. Nephrite ranks as 6.5 on the Moh scale of hardness. Nephrite has been worked in China since the Neolithic period. Much of the nephrite used in China came from Khotan and Yark and in Central Asia. Neolithic Stone Bracelets 3000 BC Quartz veining. Found in the Northwest part of the Sahara desert of Northern Africa. The Sahara wasn’t always a desert. The most recent wet phase is occasionally called the “Saharan Aqualithic Period.” The Sahara was parkland with Mediterranean vegetation. During this period, it had huge lakes, thousands of smaller lakes, rivers and streams. The Neolithic people of the Sahara were originally hunter-gatherers. Eventually, some began to domesticate animals such as sheep, goats, pigs and cattle; however they remained avid hunters as well utilizing arrowheads and tools. Later, farming began in some regions, as evidenced by hundreds of grindstones, stone farming tools and the remains of grain. Roman Bronze Belt Mount 300-400 AD Roman Bronze Ring 100-400 AD Assyrian Masque Bead 2000 BC Carved out of Calcite Stone. Assyrian describes north Mesopotamia in the period about 2000-1740 BC, when the Assyrian dialect of the Akkadian language is first written. The period is best known for the Assyrian trading colonies established in Anatolia for the exchange of textiles and tin for silver and gold. Assyrian lists of kings show that from around 2000 BC the city of Ashur was governed by local rulers. However, the highly profitable position which Ashur gained from trade probably made it a target for the Amorite chieftain Shamshi-Adad I (1813-1776), whose power base lay to the west of Ashur. He conquered much of north Mesopotamia, establishing an ɔݡɕэɽѡ䁽5ɤѡIٕȁɅѕ́Ѽ͡ȁѡи]Ḿ͡ɔɅѕѡѥ́!Ʌ 屽ݡɽ啐5ɤɕ́ɥMյɥMѽ QɅфAѕ ݱ̀ ɽѡ ɕѼٕ䁝ѥݥѠͽɽЁ͕́ə%́YAѕ ׾݅ɔAѕ)̀ ɽչ܁ɍ́չѡݽɱéЁЁѕɥ́٥ѥѡ%́Y丁 ݕ ѡم䁽ѡ%́IٕȰѡݽɱéɕѕЁЁ٥ѥ́%Ё݅́ͥ䁕եمЁѼѡѕɅ䁍ձɕ́5ͽхQ٥́ɕͥ()ѥЁ ѥ((((0