Greenwald Greenwald Manor Book - Page 12

The Office You’ll see: A 365-million-year-old Agoniatites Expansus fossil, purchased in France A deck of cards from a local nursing home resident who also supplied an invitation for instructions to the game of solitaire A porcelain teapot that Sherry’s maternal great-grandmother brought to the U.S. when they moved from England The original printing of the first book Darwin N. Greenwald wrote joins a magazine resource article requested by, and addressed to the hospitality industry, written by Sherry. Books written by many personal friends are located in the wood shelves across the room. A 65-million-year-old, petrified dinosaur egg The model Darwin N. Greenwald made for the Manor prior to construction Selection of hand painted dining china made for the Manor by Noritake Ornaments from Sherry’s grandmother’s Christmas tree A 3000-year-old Egyptian necklace and a 500 BC Egyptian mummy bead mask Memorabilia returned from family travels to: France, Dubai, Italy, India, East and West Germany, Sweden, Norway, China, US, Mexico, Rio, New Zealand, Canada, Greece, England, Russia, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Australia and Russia. Artifact Collection Terracotta Globular Pot 2000-2500 BC Typical for prehistoric culture of Cambodia, it has “combed” decoration design. Vinca Neolithic Ox 3500 BC An important piece of history from one of the most important periods of European Neolithic Cultures. The Neolithic Vinca Culture flourished in the territory of what is today Belgrade. Yugoslavia. This “Fatted Calf” is one of the most expensive pieces in the collection. Neolithic Polished Flint Axe 2000 BC Found in the Sahara desert of Northern Africa European Granite Battle Axe Neolithic 1700 BC European Neolithic Copper Battle Axe 3000 BC Canaanite Early Bronze Age Pottery Jar 3000-2200 BC Found in the Holy Land Pazuzu Head Fragment 2500 BC A rare piece from ancient Mesopotamia. Owl Man God 3000 BC From the department of Wan Chang International and dating to Hongshan Culture Period. The jade is extremely ancient. The term “jade” and the Chinese term “yu” are often 8 Artifact Collection