Greenville Life Winter 2019 - Page 9

“I know other people have dif- ferent rituals than we do, and maybe not,” Kim said. “I think communi- cation is good, we talk to each other. Some people, if they get mad at each other they won’t go to sleep mad. That’s not us, if we get mad at each other, we’ll still go to sleep because we need our sleep – but we wake up loving each other, because we do. We always kiss each other goodbye, wher- ever we are, we always come out here and do this,” she said, referring to the open fire and the glass of wine in her hand. Initially, when Keith and Kim started dating in the late 1990s, nei- ther of them had thoughts of mar- riage. Both were divorced, and it wasn’t something they were really considering. Their plans changed, however, because the couple decided they wanted to be married for the sake of Keith’s daughters, Maggie and Ran- di. They were wed on June 29, 1996. “I don’t know that we would have gotten married at all if it weren’t for those kids,” Kim said. “Both of us have been married before and we weren’t so excited about the idea of marriage because we had been burned a little bit, but we decided to do it for the kids, and we’re happy we did.” The two got married on that spe- cific day because the girls were mov- ing to the reserve, to live with Keith and Kim. The ceremony took place in their backyard at Double K Reserve, with loved ones all around and Judge Joe Leonard officiating. Dressed in bathing suits, the two jumped into the pool after the ceremony because they were “taking the dive” into mar- riage. The marriage marked the be- ginning of a transition for all four of them, as the young girls, about 10 and 5 at the time, had to get used to house rules – something kids that age don’t generally enjoy in any situation. But things settled down soon enough, and the family grew closer. Now, the girls have moved off to start their own families; Maggie lives just up the road from the reserve. Kim and Keith spend their time running the travel agency, traveling and enjoy- ing their rituals, like cooking break- fast and dinner every day, couples golf and savoring the outdoors with their favorite tunes playing and a glass of wine in hand. D is enjoying a glass of wine surround- ed by wildlife and their Ernest Hem- ingway-inspired outdoor kitchen and fireplace featuring Italian architecture that Keith built next to the patio and in-ground pool. It’s something the couple does every Friday and Sunday when they’re home, no matter the weather. The atmosphere created by the natural surroundings and the music in the background allows them to unplug from world around and focus on their surroundings and one another. “This kind of thing where we’re sitting at dinner having a glass of wine, maybe with friends, we do that on trips too,” Keith said. “It’s very similar.” Rituals like this, that they both enjoy and make part of their day-to- day lives, are essential to the well-be- ing of the relationship, both of them say. They both attribute the longevity of their relationship to such rituals and the honoring of those moments and the quality time together. Wheth- er it’s golf, cooking or something else both enjoy doing, the Quimbys sug- gest that couples should make time for the ritual of their choice. Kim and Keith pose with a coconut drink in hand on their trip to the island of Bora Bora on April 29, 2012. WINTER 2019 Greenville Life 9