Greenville Life Winter 2019 - Page 8

8 Greenville Life WINTER 2019 The couple has visited many islands, different continents and countless countries. On Oct. 8, 2013, they visited the Dreilaendereck, a monument in Basel, Switzerland that marks where the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland meet. through the Panama Canal and end in San Diego, California. From there the couple plans to island-hop around Hawaii, going from Maui to Kona to Honolulu. Their other hobby – couples golf – is one that they can enjoy on their trips and at home in Greenville. “We spent the month of Febru- ary in Spain with some friends from Nacogdoches,” Kim said. “We were playing golf with them at a tourna- ment, and we had met them before. We had casually known them, and they’d told us about their plans for the next winter. They were going to stay January and February in the south of Spain along the Mediterranean Sea. She said, ‘Well why don’t you come join us?’” The Quimbys jumped at the travel opportunity – as they are keen to do – and spent three weeks in southern Spain last February. They consider the colder seasons at home a good time to travel and “escape win- ter,” opting for destinations with sun- nier skies and warmer weather. Another favorite activity for the couple is spending time with family – and that includes their rescue dogs: Ochi, named after their trip to San- dals; Maya, named after the Mayan Riviera; Shula, named after former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula; and their granddog that visits from time to time, Gemma. One of their at-home rituals “He was dating someone at the time, so he wasn’t interested imme- diately. I don’t know what happened, but a few weeks after that, we started dating,” she added. Kim was used to traveling, since it had been part of her job in Georgia, and Keith had long enjoyed traveling with family, so it quickly became a large part of their relationship. They took up traveling as a couple and as a family with his two daughters, Maggie and Randi, and they haven’t stopped traveling since. “Immediately after we began dating, we took a trip with his par- ents, sister and brother and our kids on a cruise,” Kim recalls. About a decade ago, Kim launched a travel agency called Dou- ble K Travel Services, and after Keith took early retirement from Raytheon, he jumped into the travel business as well. Their extensive experience trav- eling around the country and world have proven a solid foundation for the business as they’ve helped friends, family and clients plan trips abroad. And their work also allows them to continue exploring new corners of the globe and to revisit favorite destina- tions. “If I wanted to travel a lot I had to do something,” she explains. “This travel agency subsidizes our travel ex- penses.” The two have been on numerous cruises – one of their favorites lasted nearly a month – and they’ve spent weeks at a time in parts of Spain with friends and traveled with family to Hawaii. “We love it,” Keith says. “There’s something about travel. When we’re traveling, she’s on Facebook posting pictures, telling other people what we’re doing and that actually gener- ates business… We also travel to learn about new places and meet new peo- ple, but it generates a lot of business.” Just this year, they have already been on two cruises and have plans for another one that will take them