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Love Is All Around Ritual rapport HONORING THEIR HOBBIES AS A COUPLE STRENGTHENS THE QUIMBYS’ MARRIAGE F find a job in the area. But they weren’t at Michelle’s house. Michelle was actually house-sitting for Keith while he and his two daughters were in Alabama visiting family for the holidays. The first night Kim ever stayed in Texas was at Double K Reserve, which would eventually become her home. Keith and the girls came back a few days after Christmas, and he first met Kim in an unexpected situation – one that, years later, prompts laughter. Kim had left some clothes in the dryer and went by Keith’s home to pick them up. At first, Kim was under the impres- sion that Keith was married because, she explains, the house was “immaculate” and the family had an au pair who helped with the children. That wasn’t the case however, and the two began dating with- in weeks. “It’s cool that I spent the very first night in Texas in this house,” Kim says of their home. “Reggie, the au pair, said I was ‘trouble’ – because I was stressed from moving; I had never moved any- where. I guess his kids were playing with the neighbors kids, so we just started talking. rom the outside looking in, one can see that Kim and Keith Quimby simply enjoy each other’s company. Whether they are traveling abroad, to places like Australia and New Zealand, or island hopping through Hawaii, or en- joying a glass of wine in their own little neck of woods at Double K Reserve, they honor the rituals they’ve developed – spending time together doing the things that are important and valuable to them. The couple met by chance in 1995. Kim, originally from Georgia, decided she needed a change after her employer eliminated the travel department of the company. She made plans to leave Geor- gia, where she had lived her entire life up to that point, and headed west to Texas. “When I lost my job with the equestrian company, I just lost my spirit and felt like I needed to leave ... and this is where I landed,” she says. “I woke up one day and said ‘I’m gonna go to Tex- as. I have a friend in Texas and I’m going to find out what Texas has to offer.’ So I packed up my car, and I moved to Texas.” Kim arrived in the area a few days after Christmas 1995 and was staying with her friend, Michelle, until she could WINTER 2019 Greenville Life 7