Greenville Life Winter 2019 - Page 5

CONTENTS ABOUT THIS ISSUE: This edition of Greenville Life features 10 love stories from Greenville couples of all ages, followed by a minister’s insights on the history and meaning of the word “love” in all its various forms. We hope you enjoy read- ing it as much as we enjoyed hearing these couples’ fun stories! On the cover, front to back, are Jesse & Cheyene Lane, Keith & Kim Quimby, Rick & Sharon Blue, and David & Katy Ridge. Cover photo, portraits by Laurie White King. Love Is All Around THE QUIMBYS THE CUZDEYS RITUAL RAPPORT DARE TO DEVOTION Their recipe is purposeful time together on their favorite hobbies. They took a chance on each other and haven’t looked back since. PAGES 6-9 PAGE 10 THE WESTS THE LANES LOVING FEELING ROCK SOLID He won her heart with secret serenades at a Walmart store. Their atypical path keeps them driven and strong, despite the challenges. PAGE 11 PAGES 12-15 THE CORTESES THE EL ZORKANIS FUNNY VALENTINE FRIENDS FIRST They laughed a lot all the way to the altar, and they’re still having fun. They’re grateful for a solid foundation of friendship before they dated. PAGE 16 PAGES 17-19 THE BLUES THE KRONCKES STEADFAST SPARK SLOW AND STEADY Their mutual adoration is still appar- ent, 61 years after these high school sweethearts married. A uniform and lots of letters sealed the deal, but she dated his roommate first. PAGES 22-25 THE LAWSONS PAGE 26 THE RIDGES PATIENCE PAY-OFF LEARNING CURVE Years and distance couldn’t deter their faith in God, each other. These two have inspired each other to new personal heights & happiness. PAGE 27 PAGES 28-30 THE FRANKLINS HELPFUL HISTORY SHE HIT A RINGER WHAT IS LOVE? It wasn’t smooth, but fate didn’t give up when they didn’t fall in love immediately. The Greek & Biblical origins of various forms of love offer hope & life. PAGE 31 PAGES 32-34 WINTER 2019 Greenville Life 5