Greenville Life Winter 2019 - Page 29

Love Is All Around Learning curve DAVID & KATY RIDGE PROVE THAT CONSTANT COMMUNICATION, SHOWING APPRECIATION ARE KEY TO GROWTH D Weeks passed, and David still had not called up Katy. Megan kept after him, though, re- minding him he needed to get out and so- cialize more. So he finally rang her up. “I said ‘Hello, this is David.’ She goes, ‘David who?’” he recounted. Katy interjects, laughing: “Well, it had been several weeks since I ran into him. Then I got off the phone and went ‘(GASP) ‘David Ridge called me!’” The introverted David worked through his nerves and asked Katy to go to dinner with him. And just like that, their relationship was off the ground – and in the most Tex- an of ways: over the a meal of prime, grilled USDA beef. “We went to Saltgrass for our first date,” Katy explains. “After all, the way to a Texas girl’s heart is steak.” Katy says her long-held friendship with David allowed their romance to bloom without some of the awkwardness that comes along with getting to know each oth- er; it was as if they had already laid the foun- dation for a dating relationship without ever realizing it. “There wasn’t any pressure, no nerves like a first date normally is,” David says. “It was really easy, because we were old friends.” avid and Katy Ridge first met each other as co-workers at Hunt Coun- ty Family Services in 1997. Katy, originally from Richardson, was a children’s counselor. David, who’d lived in Greenville since he was a teenager, worked as facilities manager. Both were married to other people at the time. “So we were just work friends,” Da- vid explains. They lost touch after the firm was bought by Lakes Regional and David’s posi- tion was eliminated. It would be several years until David and Katy would meet again. David was working at L3 Technologies and divorced when he was asked to be a pall- bearer for a friend who had passed. Wanting to look presentable, he and his youngest daughter, Megan, went shopping for a new shirt. That’s when he ran into Katy. “I hadn’t seen her since I left that company. We chat- ted it up,” David says. He quickly learned that she also was divorced. He asked if she wanted to meet for coffee sometime, and she agreed, telling Da- vid to give her a call. “Was she just trying to be nice? Was I too aggressive? Wait... she doesn’t even drink coffee!” WINTER 2019 Greenville Life 29