Greenville Life Winter 2019 - Page 23

Love Is All Around Steadfast spark AFTER 61 YEARS, THE BLUES STILL SEE EVERY DAY TOGETHER AS A BLESSING R the girl he fell in love with, when he was a 16-year-old kid looking for a fresh start in Odessa, Texas. The first time he saw Sharon, he was at Temple Baptist Church. Sharon, in fact, remembers what Rick was wearing the first time she heard his voice. “I hear this boy say, ‘Anybody have a pencil?’ I look and it’s the new kid,” Sha- ron recalls. “Oh my word... He had on a white linen suit and a pink shirt, and there he was – the cutest thing in the whole wide world. I beat 10 other girls to him with the pencil.” It wasn’t until Rick and Sharon shared the same biology class, however, that their paths would really meet. Rick says when he walked into the classroom, he immediately noticed Sharon sitting at a table across the classroom. “When high school started, we ended up in biology class together,” Rick says. “So here she was across the room, and I knew her because I had seen her at church; I’d see her on Sunday morning.” Desperate to find a way toward the table where Sharon was sitting, Rick be- gan misbehaving in class to get the atten- tion of his biology teacher, Mrs. Riggs. ick and Sharon Blue have had their share of happiness and heartbreak since they tied the knot more than 60 years ago. The Greenville couple, both 80, moved to the area in 1974 for Rick’s work in the ministry; he’d been serving as a pastor in Bay City, Texas, and before that, in Huntsville, Alabama. Most recently, Rick was a pastor at the Family Fellowship church in Green- ville. Before he began serving as a min- ister, Rick spent three years in the U.S. Army and also briefly worked as a police officer. They relish their time together – even with the lows that life inevitably brings. Rick and Sharon firmly believe the difficult times they’ve experienced have made their faith and their family stronger. Sharon has a sharp wit – and she’s not afraid to use it. Rick kids her about being “mean,” but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Rick speaks with a reserved mellow demeanor, but he is far from jaded – espe- cially when he gets a chance to talk about WINTER 2019 Greenville Life 23