Greenville Life Winter 2019 - Page 18

“Previous relationships I’d been in had been pretty volatile and ended as abruptly as they had started,” Jimmy ex- plains. “I think it was a good thing that we got to know each other without being in a relationship. We got to see the good, the bad and the ugly in each other before we started dating. “We don’t bicker,” Jimmy contin- ues. “We settle things in a mature way, and I think it’s because we became friends first.” Another thing that still surprises the couple is that they both worked at L3 Technologies down the hall from each other for a few years before their “chance meeting” at the block party. “I was, and am, a project engineer and she was a program manager when she worked there,” Jimmy said. “We worked down the hall from each other, but never met – probably passed each other several times, but just never noticed each other,” Mandy added. As the two have progressed through their relationship, they have grown to appreciate their differences and the way they “balance each other out.” “She’s very thoughtful and is always volunteering in the community,” Jimmy said of Mandy, who is president of the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Texas Board of Directors as well as a member of both Altrusa and the Hunt Regional Healthcare Foundation. In fact, her com- munity service earned her Greenville’s Worthy Citizen Award in 2009. “It’s really opened my eyes to appre- ciate the community more,” Jimmy says. “I’m from Austin, and I never thought I’d move to a small town like Greenville, but I’m getting to where I appreciate the small town feel. “I’m also unorganized and forget- ful, and she plans everything,” Jimmy added. “I love how she multitasks and keeps track of everything without ne- glecting anything. We balance each other out.” In Mandy’s case, she’s grown to ap- preciate Jimmy’s enthusiasm for life and his sense of humor. “Jimmy is very intelligent, but he doesn’t take things too seriously,” 18 Greenville Life WINTER 2019 Mandy and Jimmy enjoy their first dance as a married couple at their wedding in Mexico in May 2013.