Greenville Life Winter 2019 - Page 14

Cheyene and Jesse make the most of a road trip to pick up Jesse’s youngest son for a weekend visit. 14 Greenville Life WINTER 2019 way. “My grandparents were married within six weeks of knowing each other!” he said. “And they were married for more than 60 years. If they can do it, I know I can.” The definitive moment of their relationship came right at the six-week mark after their first date, when Jesse showed up to Cheyene’s obstetrician ap- pointment to check on the health of her unborn daughter. “I didn’t know it yet, but he had already talked to his family about com- bining his mother’s and grandmothers’ wedding rings into an engagement ring for me,” Cheyene remembers. “He came to my appointment and he said ‘I’m all in – this is all-or-nothing for me.’” After that episode – like a scene straight out of a Lifetime Channel tear-jerker – the two were engaged, and in spite of some skepticism from friends and family, the couple knew they were on the right path. “I know some people thought we were crazy, deciding to get married after knowing each other for six weeks,” Jesse said, “but what else was I supposed to do? She’s the smartest, most beautiful woman I know, the kind who instantly becomes best friends with perfect strang- ers, and she’s an amazing mother and a hard worker. There wasn’t any question “I knew when we’d been talking on the phone that this was going to be something,” Jesse said. “I told my family one week later that I was probably going to marry her, and before we met, another marriage was the last thing I was looking for.” What began as an intriguing pros- pect quickly threw Jesse into a “beautiful mess.” “I was just head-over-heels for her,” he said. “I was even forgetting my PIN number.” Cheyene recalls the exact moment she knew – the precise instant when there she had no doubt that Jesse was “the one.” “We were waiting to meet each others’ kids until we knew it was ‘serious’ enough, but after our second date, he helped me bleach and clean my daugh- ter’s toys, because he knew it was what I needed to get done,” she remembers. “This was the moment I knew – he was a keeper!” For the next several weeks, Jesse would get off from work in the evening, clean up, and make his way to Abilene in time to spend the evening with Cheyene. Then he’d drive back, rinse and repeat the next day. According to Jesse, his own mater- nal grandparents’ story provided a little inspiration to encourage him along the about it for me.” After meeting in February 2016 and their betrothal six weeks later, the Lanes were married in December of the same year. Their marriage and life together would only become more difficult – and much more rewarding, they are quick to note – from there. Right around the time of their wedding, Jesse’s hard work at his job paid off with a promotion to a management position. But his first as- signment in the new role was located at oilfield operations in Pecos, near El Paso. “We had already talked about moving to Greenville, where he was from, but the new job made the decision difficult,” Cheyene recalled. The situation was equally tense for Jesse – despite wanting to be near his beloved as much as possible, he knew Greenville would offer Cheyene, his sons and her daughters a better life than if they relocated to Pecos. So he moved his new blended family to Greenville, and he lives in Pecos most of the time for his job there. Since then, they’ve each commut- ed back-and-forth to see each other. Jesse spends roughly one week out of each month in Greenville, and Cheyene makes the long trek down Interstate 20 to see him on the off weekends, as much as possible. “It definitely hasn’t been easy,” Jes- se said, “tricky, even. Throughout our three-year relationship, I’ve been away more than I’ve been home.” Jesse couldn’t say enough about Cheyene’s strength despite the distance, noting it is one of the things that drew him to her in the first place. “Her dad worked out of town a lot growing up, so she was able to watch her mom handle that well and she learned a lot,” he says. “A lot of women wouldn’t even come close to being able to handle that, but Cheyene – well, she’s just amaz- ing.” After relocating to Greenville, the newly married couple set about achiev- ing Cheyene’s next goal, and one that Jesse readily shouldered as his own: the establishment of Jesse’s Girl, her very