Greenville Life Winter 2019 - Page 13

Love Is All Around Rock solid THE LANES AREN’T LETTING CONVENTION, DISTANCE OR ANYTHING ELSE BREAK THEIR FATEFUL BOND W interested in “wasting time” – if there was any potential future for them to be a couple, they were going to pursue it intentionally, or not at all. At the time, Cheyene was living in Abilene, the area in which she grew up, and Jesse, a Greenville native in the crane busi- ness, was working in Sweetwater, roughly 45 minutes from Abilene. “We had been talking for about a week before our first date, on a Friday night,” Cheyene recalled fondly. “He knew from our conversations that I drove a ‘grandma car,’ and that I needed windshield wiper blades, so on our first date he brought and installed new blades for me.” While the wiper-blade gesture cer- tainly struck her as meaningful at the time, Cheyene didn’t necessarily yet know how in- dicative it was of Jesse’s character, and how he felt about her. Jesse remembers the move a bit differently. “It meant a lot to her, I guess, but in my mind, it was just something she needed and something I could do, so I did it.” A first date on a Friday night quick- ly turned into a second date – the very next day. Each time, Jesse would make the hour- and-a-half round trip to see her, and some- thing undeniable had begun to take root. hen Cheyene and Jesse Lane met through a dating app in early 2016, neither was prepared for the whirl- wind romance about to occur, and certainly neither would’ve guessed that just six weeks later, the pair would be engaged. Both had just emerged from painful divorces, Jesse had two young sons and Cheyene a daugh- ter. Cheyene was also pregnant with her second daughter – information that Jesse took right in stride. When she told him during their first week filled with text and phone conversa- tions, he took about 10 minutes to collect his thoughts and reach a decisive conclusion. “I thought to myself, well, if she al- ready had two kids like I do, would it be any different?” Jesse recalls. In the span of those minutes, he decided it wouldn’t change the fact that between he and Cheyene, some- thing just clicked. “We were both coming out of marriag- es at the time,” Jesse recalled, noting that he was recovering from an “awful seven years.” Cheyene remembers that while those first conversations seemed promising and neither seemed intimidated by the other’s past life, she also was aware that neither was WINTER 2019 Greenville Life 13