Greenville Life Winter 2019 - Page 10

Love Is All Around J From dare to devotion ennifer Cuzdey of Greenville met her husband, Wesley, on a blind date in Albany, New York – on a dare. In 1995, after Jennifer broke up with her then-boyfriend, a friend dared her to place a personal ad in a local news- paper. She’d get voicemails via a reference number on the ad, and she could check her messages once a week for free. Jenni- fer says she had gone on a few blind dates with men who had responded to the ad, but she didn’t really feel a connection to any of them. On the verge of giving up, Jenni- fer declared she would give it one more week. The next week, she checked her voicemails and had three messages from Wesley. That in itself made Jennifer think he was desperate, she says. But she decid- ed to “give him a chance,” so she called him … and the two haven’t looked back since. Now, 23 years later, the couple is still together. “We have had our ups and our downs, but through it all it’s his hand that I want holding mine, and his arms that I want around me,” she said. “He can make me so mad one minute, then make me laugh the next.” She knew he really loved her when one time, while they were still dating, they got into an argument over the mu- sic they were listening to in the car. She threw a bit of a fit and ended up throw- ing her cup of lemonade all over him. “He never skipped a beat, careful- ly pulled over, cleaned up, and we just continued on our way like nothing hap- pened,” she recalled. “When all is said and done, I just know in my soul that he just flat-out loves me. And I feel so incredibly special to have such an amaz- ing husband.” They were married on June 1, 1996, at a state park in New York. “We’re still kicking,” she says. The couple have lived in Greenville for a couple of years with their son Lu- cas, 20, and twin daughters Reina and Eva, both 17. D Let us help you through the Medicare Maze! Cornerstone specializes in all Medicare plans, life insurance and Retirement Planning. Come in for your free education. 2608 Eastland St., Suite 205 Greenville TX 75402 903-494-5411 we are located right behind the American National Bank 10 Greenville Life WINTER 2019