GreEntrepreneurship - NEWSLETTER 2 - Jun2016 - Page 7

For more information, please visit: For more information, please visit Apart from the above-mentioned solar collectors and shower modules, the project is also developing kitchen units with a solar oven, and bathrooms with sewage treatment and rainwater harvesting systems. At present, the project is constructing shower modules and solar collectors for designated families in the “Garin” neighborhood of Buenos Aires, whose homes do not have hot water system. Before this, they were involved in important projects in Bahia Blanca and in a Mbya-Guaraní community in San Ignacio, Misiones. The project aims to reach not only the interior of Argentina but all communities where people most need these solutions, including those in Africa and Asia. Therefore, for every product that is developed, a manual is written to allow others to build the same product without the direct assistance of the project.