GreEntrepreneurship - NEWSLETTER 2 - Jun2016 - Page 4

OVERVIEW OF THE TRAINING COURSE IN PORTUGAL Let’s enjoy Greentrepreneurship! From 7–14 April 2016, thirty young people from six countries (Argentina, Italy, Nepal, Portugal, Slovenia, Tanzania) met in Beja, Portugal, to learn more about green entrepreneurship and how it can be used to tackle youth unemployment. The training course was hosted by Associação Check-In - Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, one of the six project partners that— together with the leading partner, PiNA — are responsible for developing the educational module for youth workers who are tasked with helping young people develop their skills, knowledge, and competences in order to increase their productivity and employability in the green sector. In the first part of the course, participants gained some knowledge of and theoretical background to the topic. The main focus was given to the various aspects of green/ethical entrepreneurship, and the competences required of a successful entrepreneur, e.g., innovation, strategic planning, marketing, branding, etc. The second part primarily focused on practical activities. First, the participants acquired some basic competences as trainers. Afterwards, they tried out their trainer skills by creating ideas in the ‘Green Lab’ follow-up activities, to be implemented at the local level after the course. The participants created six workshops: Fallo verde (Italy), Green Bikes (Argentina), Green Innovation (Tanzania), Green Innovation Workshop for Youth (Nepal), Think Inside of Green (Portugal), and Do Not Follow, LEAD (Slovenia).