GreEntrepreneurship - NEWSLETTER 2 - Jun2016 - Page 15

Activity name: STARS SHOW Trough this a fun and creative activity participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas, motivations, fears and learn how to transform obstacles in benefits. Objective — To make participants realize that each obstacle can be transformed into a benefit, to wake or empower the entrepreneur spirit of the participants. Duration — 20 minutes: Each group has 10 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to present, and 5 minutes for post-presentation evaluation. Methodology — The facilitator splits participants into small groups and gives them a charter shaped as a T-Shirt. The T-Shirt has to be divided in three sections. The shoulder section represents the obstacles, the middle part represents the twisted points which can be an obstacl H܈H[Y] \YۂY\[[وY][HBوH T\\\[H\ܝ]B[ˈXXܛ\\\Y[XY[B[[\[]\X[[[H[H™[^\ݙ\YH] \]ܛ\8%[]\ [[]ܚ\HY\[Y\˂]YH H[]][ۋ[\\[\X\[[][ۜˈ]YX\˂X H[\[]\\ X[HܚZ[ܛZ[ܙX]]]K\X]HZ[[˂X]\X[ H\\]HH܈BX\H T\ X\\ Z]\\\K[\ܜ˂