GreEntrepreneurship - NEWSLETTER 2 - Jun2016 - Page 12

GOOD PRACTICE FROM PORTUGAL Resialentejo — Treatment and Waste Recovery, Montinho Environmental Park in Beja, Portugal RESIALENTEJO Resialentejo is developing a detailed plan for its Environmental Park. As a form of land management tool, it aims to promote the integration of environmental components, to realize economic activities that are environmentally sustainable. These activities will be supported by technology, involving integrated solutions covering treatment, processing, and re-use; and will promote appropriate partnerships with local/regional authorities. MAIN GOALS: • Creation of an industrial zone in the region, with unique features; • Become one of the main instruments of sustainability and competitive advantage for the regional economy; • Implementation of an Eco-Efficient Industrial Park, which envisions the integration of environmental, economic, and social aspects, enabling new environmental activities; • Contribute to the region’s economic and business development, and to balanced development in the installation and location of economic activities. AMBITION AND FUTURE: The parks are planned in an organized manner, with the aim of integrating the various industries and infrastructures, to enable the sharing of resources and secondary raw materials, thus streamlining the necessary resources such as material, economic, or environmental matters. WHAT WE OFFER TODAY: • Administrative support for installation; • Use of the lobby service, including access control and weighing system; • Use of the industrial wastewater treatment plant as a as a final or interim treatment, depending on the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the effluent; • Use of the auditorium and meeting room.