GreEntrepreneurship - NEWSLETTER 1 - Jan2015 - Page 7

In conclusion, it is an entrepreneurship undertaking where diverse concepts are united in a singular reality: aid to vulnerable groups, Environmentalism, self-sufficiency, associative collaboration… All of them are concepts that play a role in a project that has developed for many years and which highly encourages those who have had the opportunity to get to know it and get involved with it. Written by Marc Bosch For more information, please visit Environment and Environmentalism are concepts that permanently shape the programme. Practically every material used is recycled and/or recyclable: chairs, a variety of tools, pallets to build ditches, yoghurt pots where seeds are sown, etc. Moreover, the crops are environmentally-friendly; that is to say, no chemicals are used and, therefore, the vegetables grown develop an intense flavour and their quality is great.