GreEntrepreneurship - NEWSLETTER 1 - Jan2015 - Page 6

GOOD PRACTICE FROM ARGENTINA Pecohue: It is a social entrepreneurship programme that focuses on the organic production of vegetables and compost Pecohue is a social entrepreneurship undertaking that aims at enabling 16-to-25-year-old intellectually-challenged youngsters to enter the job market. Its activity takes place in a vegetable garden where a wide range of vegetables is grown. The project is a result of the cooperation among volunteers and students who carry out their professional practice there. The former come from varying backgrounds and their age span is equally broad. The latter are mainly Psychology and Occupational Therapy students. All of them collaborate with the 'users', youngsters that have different disabilities or disorders and who are aided and encouraged to carry out diverse tasks in the vegetable garden environment. The entrepreneurship undertaking is economically self-sufficient besides the fact that the 'collaborators' are not paid for their work, all the harvest is sold to third parties, and the profits are used to cover the different costs that need to be paid, such as the purchase of seeds or, in some cases, for instance, granting scholarships to the 'users.'