GreEntrepreneurship - NEWSLETTER 1 - Jan2015 - Page 15

PROMOTING GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP Example of the activity aiming to clarify the concept of green entrepreneurship Exhibition activity is all about brainstorming entrepreneurial ideas and concepts and then sharing them among all the participants. This practice allows participants to find new entrepreneurial ideas, motivation and inspiration. Objective: Clarifying the concept of green entrepreneurship, coming out with new ideas and exchanging proposals. Duration: 20 minutes, 5 minutes for each table Methodology: The facilitator will prepare four tables, each table will have a flip chart with a title. The titles are: - Definition of green entrepreneurship. - Green entrepreneur skills. - Entrepreneurship fields. - Role models of Entrepreneurship. On each table there will be a participant in charge of writing down what other participant says on the flip-chart and he will then remain to explain the contents to the next groups visiting his table. The rest of the participants will be moving among the tables for a duration regulated by a sign, which is given by the music when it is on: the participants then will have to move to another table. All the participants will visit and give ideas for each table. The facilitator can ask the participants to dance while changing tables for fun. After completing the visits, the flip charts will be hanged on the wall like an exhibition so everybody can have a look and read what was happening on each table. Written by Participants from the Project ECE (Empowerment, Creativity and Entrepreneurship)