GreEntrepreneurship - NEWSLETTER 1 - Jan2015 - Page 13

Recycleland is the country where children give new life to garbage, where materials only apparently unuseful have another meaning and importance, and also a birthday party can be the occasion to get dressed and become monsters or fairies by using alternative, recycled stuff, by organizing Eco – birthday parties. We involve around 100 children per year: it is still a small segment compared, but it is a crucial one, as the children become those who will teach the importance of recycling to their parents, they become the green engine of the whole family, and from families to society. These actions represent for children the tools for learning about the importance of their actions for the environment by playing and having fun, in the same way as the SWAP party is an happy moment for exchanging things among people, but it is also becoming a thought out action that adults are taking in order to start living in more sustainable and responsible way. The attention of people towards a green, sustainable and conscious progress is changing, but still there is the need of planning long term policies and to show people that their actions really count and can make a big difference. What do you think about Slovenian and EU policies for promotion of entrepreneurship and particularly of green one, if there’s any? To be honest, I only have a general idea of the EU policies in this regard, and I am not very familiar with European bureaucracy or project development, I prefer to develop ideas rather than documents. Concerning the Slovenian side, I have to say I am receiving great support and consideration from the national authorities, and citizens too: in September I was nominated Personality of the Coastal zone of Koper, which was for me a great pleasure. However, to elect me is also revealing of how the attention towards crucial problems such as the environment, recycling, sustainability, is growing and it is driving people to take concrete actions. This same attention is also shown by the Slovenian institutional and educational systems. Important collaborations are emerging between these two spheres: this is a very positive trend, even though today this kind of work still advances slowly and there is a great separation between the different internal sectors - divisions.