Greens Cookery April 2016 - Page 40

Gadget Galaxy The Multifunction Vegetable Slicer The three-piece multifunction vegetable slicer is more enticing than it sounds. Valued at around six dollars and available on, the vegetable slicer will add creativity to the kitchen. The gadget comes with two types of blades to create different shapes, such as curly slices and noodles. The device works best with harder vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, and radishes. To use the slicer follow these steps: • Cut the vegetable to about 1½ to 2 inches in length. • Press the vegetable firmly into the light green cylinder with the raised edges that resembles a grater. • Place the dark green cylinder over the vegetable and twist clock wise to extrude the cut vegetable. The vegetable slicer does require a bit of elbow grease. Unfortunately, it is only able to produce a small amount at one time but it’s the perfect size to use as a garnish or to enhance a small salad. The multifunction vegetable slicer can be a fun device to add to your kitchen gadgets and at around six bucks why not get your twist on? Culinary Conundrum We all are familiar with apples or pears turning brown after being exposed to air but a true culinary conundrum occurred when preparing golden beets for the farmer’s market. The golden beets were roasted and cooled, then stored in closed containers in the refrigerator overnight. The very next morning we discovered the cooked golden beets had turned black! How could this be? Golden beets are especially vulnerable to oxidation even after being cooked because pigments in the be ]