Greens Cookery April 2016 - Page 4

Editor’s Note I am so excited to share my mini-magazine with you! I have included some of my top recipes for you to enjoy. This issue features crsipy golden beet tempura, Asian turnip lo-mein (a unique twist to your original noodle bowls), and creamy kale vichyssoise. In addition, we’ll tease your tastebuds with a sweet beet cocktail... and don’t forget your best friend! We have included a creative K-9 recipe that will be sure to please any pooch! In Season... “Check out those vibrant colors!” Kale Our beautiful field guides will help you sort through all the varieties of seasonal produce available at your local farmer’s market or grocer this Spring. These fresh finds offer additional health benefits in the form of phytonutrients. Be sure to check out how getting your daily dose of plant antioxidants can keep you healthy! Next, we encourage you to travel around the world by using our World Flavor Profiles, which will familiarize you with regional seasonings and ingredients used in American, Asian, Mediterranean and Southwestern cuisines. We believe that utilizing this technique will help you include those nutritious, seasonal vegetables more frequently in your meals.You will reap the nutritional benefits and enjoy eating them too! Beets Get the lowdown on this year’s culinary trends and check out our top five picks! Wait...there’s more! We’re giving you quick tips and gadgets to inspire new and innovative recipes! Although I can’t transport myself to help you in the kitchen, I chose the latest technology to provide a fun and interactive way to inspire you to cook up seasonal produce. I hope our recipes and beautiful photographs will motivate you to get cook’n in the kitchen. Cook, Eat & Enjoy! Stephanie Stephanie Green, RDN Editor in Chief Turnips Chard