Greens Cookery April 2016 - Page 16

5 Culinary Trends for 2016 American Flavor Profile Herb Dill Parsley Sage Rosemary Basil Oregano Tarragon Thyme Chives Scallions Cilantro Check out our list of the upcoming items you are most likely to see on menus and foodblogs this year: America is a melting pot of time tested flavors that were brought from all over the world. Each region has their own ecclectic spin on traditional family recipes. Flavors Anise Spice Orange Garlic Lime Cinnamon Lemon Bay Leaves Olive Oil Mustard Seed Truffle Oil Italian Blend Fruit Vinegars Peanut Butter Smoke Ketchup 1. Ethinic Herb and Spice Mixes - These combinations may be a new trend, but come from old roots.You may discover your next meal features one of the following. • Dukkah- A spice mix found in the Middle East that combines ground herbs, spices, and nuts. It is traditionally used as a condiment served with bread for dunking. Use dukkah as a spice rub for chicken or lamb, tossed with roasted vegetables, or even sprinkled over eggs. • Harrisa- A spicy sauce made from a variety of hot peppers, garlic, and other spices commonly found in Libya and Algeria. Flavor meats, fish and vegetables, or spice up your soups and stews. 2. Matcha Tea - A green tea which is traditionally used in the refined Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha is a powdered form of green tea diffused in water, making it much more potent than the steeped leaf form. Dairy Cheddar Cheese Goat Cheese Parmesan Crème Fraiche Heavy Cream 3. Alternative Plant-based Proteins - The movement towards a more economic and sustainable way of eating has resulted in the wide use of alternative proteins such as quinoa, beans, lentils, and peas. 4. Cuban Cuisine - A wave of Cuban inspiration is splashing onto menus including cuban pork sandwiches and toasted coconut flan. 5. Green Vegetables - Avocado Pear, Broccoflower, and Green Jackfruit are hot. Add variety to your table this month instead of serving the same old green beans.