Greens Cookery April 2016 - Page 14

Asian Flavor Profile Herb Scallions Coriander Cilantro Lemon Grass Basil Spice Ginger Flavors Galangal Lime Peanuts Hot Chili Peppers Sesame Seeds Soy Sauce Wasabi Soy Beans Garlic Miso Cardamom Sake Turmeric Rice Wine Vinegar Curry Shrimp Paste Chinese Mustard Oyster Sauce Dried Seaweed Soybean Oil Tamarind Fish Sauce Dairy Alternative Sambal Oelek Soy Milk Pozu Coconut Milk Teriyaki Southwestern Flavor Profile Herb Cilantro Mint Epazote Flavors Lime Spice Pepitas Coriander White Vinegar Chili powder Vanilla Garlic Corn Paprika White Onion Smoked paprika Scallions Tamarind Salsa Cocoa Powder Avocado Black Beans Dairy Pinto Beans Queso Fresco Tomatoes Crema Sour Cream The Asian flavor profile opens the door to creativity. Using sweet, salty, spicy and savory flavors in various combinations will take you all over the World’s largest continent. The Southwestern Flavor Profile can help you learn to create the the right balance of heat from spices and herbs. These bold flavors are superb even if you enjoy milder flavors.