Greens Cookery April 2016 - Page 10

The Power of Plants Phytonutrients A phytonutrient is a naturally occurring, biologically active, plantbased chemical found in all plants. It’s what helps protect the plant from insects, sun damage, and disease. When we eat plants like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, herbs, and spices, we ingest those plant nutrients. Many of these active plant compounds are what give the plant its distinct color, such as carotenoids, which make carrots orange. They can also be responsible for the flavor and aroma, as with allicin in garlic and onions. Phytonutrients are different from vitamins and minerals, but can act in a similar way by providing various health benefits. One of the primary roles of phytonutrients is to act as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage from free radicals, which are produced during normal cell metabolism. Free radicals can also come from outside sources, such as radiation, cigarette smoke, and exposure to toxic chemicals. Ongoing research is looking at the role of these plant chemicals in relation to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. World Flavor Profiles What are World Flavor Profiles? All Green’s Cookery recipes are based on unique World Flavor Profiles taken from classic cuisines around the world and simplified into an easy to use global system of contemporary American, Asian, Mediterranean and Southwestern cuisine. The listing of ingredients that make up our flavor profiles are not a definitive list but they do provide a good starting point for building your culinary pantry. In Green’s Cookery we have taken four key seasonal produce items and created delicious, easy to make recipes utilizing each of the four World Flav or Profiles. This provides you with unique recipes to expand your recipe options and flavor horizons. Each recipe is labeled with a colored globe located in the lower left hand corner of the recipe photo, corresponding with the specific World Flavor Profile used in making the recipe. We hope the ‘global’ approach to cooking will provide you with an easy way to take your favorite seasonal produce and turn it into famous favorites!