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66 | Green Lake magazine 2012 and activities enrich Leslies art: family, travel, reading, teaching, community service, hiking, tennis, kayaking, biking, and Scrabble. Leslie now follows her creative muse at her home and studio in beautiful Green Lake, Wisconsin. Studio visitors are welcome whenever the open sign is displayed and by appointment by calling (920) 294-9963. A retrospective book of her art, Leslie Trewyn: A Colorful Life , was published in 2011. This 110- page work illustrates 116 paintings and de- scribes circumstances of their creation, decade by decade. The book is available for $30.00 (plus $5.00 for mailing) from Leslie Trewyn Studio, 388 Lake Street, Green Lake, WI 54941. Photographs provided by Leslie Trewyn. Leslie Trewyn has evolved an eclectic, distinctive, personal style of art, through iV>iʜviݫiiVi-iʈʈëi by literature, childhood memories, romance, and her life on a small farm. ̅i]ʅiʫ>̈}iyiViiÈi world travel, including China, Europe, ,È>]-̅iV>]>i݈V iÏi>iʅiiݫiiVi>ʫ of reference, transforming them into unique visual creations. Ill come back from Portugal or another country, and iyiVʜ܅>iݫiiVi>>ܰ I try to paint the feeling that the trip evokes rather than paint the actual Vii]Åiiݫ>ð/]ʈVi>̈} personal, original art, Leslie nds fulllment in both the process and the product. When I paint, its about as close to Paradise as there is. Leslie, of Norwegian heritage, was born in Wisconsin as Leslie Christenson. She grew up in De Pere, and earned a degree in Art Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Leslie began i݅L̈}ʅiʫ>̈}ʈʣΰi favorite medium is acrylic on canvas, and her contemporary paintings, featuring bold folk designs, at shapes, and vivid colors, often evoke a personal response from the viewer. Many pieces are fanciful, contain visual puns, or play on shifting scales of time and ë>Vi]>ʅiVi>̈ۈii̜ iʓi>>V>}i Numerous themes recur in Leslies art, including the lone woman, loss, childhood, dreams, fantasy landscape, and whimsical use of farm memories. Emotional survival and enhancement through paintinga guiding principle of Lesliesalso manifests itself in her work. iÏiܜʈi݅Liʘ>̈>ʈ public collections, homes, businesses, galleries, and art fairs. She has participated in numerous large art i݅L̅}̅iV՘V as the Coconut Grove Festival of the Arts, Chicago Old Town Art Fair, and Original Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. My current life is paint and travel, says Leslie. For about 30 years she taught art in public schools, while continuing her dedication to paint >i݅L̰ >ʫiÜ>ʈii Leslie Trewyn COVER ARTIST