Green Lake Magazine Green Lake Magazine 2012 - Page 63 | 63 Harbor Lights V O T ED B E S T S T E A K H O U S E 506 Hill Street, Downtown Green Lake Fine Dining at Very Reasonable Prices Now Serving Lunch! * Sizzling Steaks * Succulent Seafood * Best BBQ Ribs Around * Homemade Soup & Salad Bar * Nightly Specials Open 7 Days a Week at 11:30 a.m. Reservations Appreciated (920) 294-3631 Private room available for groups up to 24 Antiques Bakery Burgers Steaks Sandwiches/Subs Fish Fry Pizza (Dine In) Pizza (Delivery) American Cuisine Ethnic Cuisine Breakfast/Brunch Ice Cream/Dessert Upscale Dining Special Occasion Dining Dining on a Budget Gift Shop Bookstore Clothing Store Accommodations Attraction Golf Course Local Music Venue Place to Bike Place to Hike Place to Watch Sports Cocktail Lounge Coffee House Grocery Store Liquor StoreRiver City Antique MallPick 'n SaveAdam's RibHarbor LightsAdam's RibNorton’s of Green LakeChristianos PizzaChristianos PizzaHarbor Lights Norton’s of Green LakeChina OneSunroom (Heidel House Resort)All in Good TasteGrey Rock (Heidel House Resort)Grey Rock (Heidel House Resort)Adam’s RibTwisterPastimesOnly HerHeidel House ResortGreen Lake Festival of MusicPrinceton Flea Market Golf Courses of LawsoniaThrasher Opera HouseGreen Lake Conference CenterGreen Lake Conference CenterGoose BlindNorton's of Green LakeSugar LipsCrossroadsPick 'n Save From the Land offers demonstrations on broom making, spinning, blacksmithing, and wood carving both days by participating artists. Come and enjoy a fall day at From the Land Folk Art Festival, Saturday, October 27, 10:00 to 4:00 p.m., a ΉMΥΉ‘…䰁=Ρ½‰•Θ€Θΰ°€Δΐθΐΐ„Ή΄Έ€)ΡΌ€ΜθΐΐΐΉ΄ΈQ‘”Q½±°½1½Ή‘½έΝ­€€)™…Ι΄₯́±½…Ρ•…Ё\ΔΨΠΰ ½ΥΉΡδ€)I½…(°Ι••Έ1…­”°½Έ…Έ½Α•Ι…Ρ₯Ήœ€)™…΅₯±δ™…Ι΄Ρ‘…ЁɅ₯͕́MΥ™™½±¬Ν‘••ΐΈ€)‘΅₯ΝΝ₯½Έ₯Μ€Δ…ΉΑ±•ΉΡ䁽˜Α…Ι­₯Ήœ€)₯́…Ω…₯±…‰±”Έ ‘•¬Ύ½ΥЁ½Έ…•‰½½¬€)½ΘΌΡΌ™Ι½΅Ρ‘•±…Ή‘™•ΝΡ₯Ω…°Ή½΄™½Θ€)ΥΑ‘…Ρ•ΜΈM•”ε½Τ₯Έ=Ρ½‰•Θ„ Photographs provided by From the Land. 2011 favorites GREEN LAKE MAGAZINE POLL