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50 | Green Lake magazine 2012 p.m. the tent is cleared of the public, and ofcial chili samples are collected for the judges. While the judges determine the winners, the tent is reopened to the public, and tasting cups (4 for $1) are sold to the public, and they get to determine the Peoples Choice award. By 5:00 p.m., winners have been determined and awards for rst, second, and third place are announced. }iVÈiÈʓ> characteristics when tasting the chili: }y>ۜ}]ii]VÈiV] blend of spices, aroma, and color. The cook-off is sanctioned by the International Chili Society (ICS), and membership in the ICS (chilicookoff .com), along with a fee to the Green Lake Rotary Club, is required to compete. Anthony Barone was named winner in 2011 for his Pirate Chili, which featured ank steak and ground beef. Anthonys secret was charred peppers, which he skinned before adding to the chili. I played around with different combinations before coming up with this one, says Anthony. Dressed in a pirate costume, he represented the Pirates of the Chilibean. Anthony participated in the event in 2010 and 2011, winning on just his second try. As the Wisconsin winner, Anthony represented the state in the world championship chili cook-off held in Manchester, New Hampshire in October. It was really fun thereone booth even featured dancing girls. The chili cook-off has been held in Green Lake since the mid-1970s when Wisconsin State Chili Cook-off If you enjoy trying new, unique chili recipes, youll want to attend the Wisconsin State Chili Cook- off on September 8 in Green Lake. Participants prepare original recipes using beef, venison, elk, bison, and even ostrich, along with spices and other secret ingredients (pasta and beans are not allowed). Pots of chili start cooking in Deacon Mills Park at 11:00 a.m., and at 3:00 By Jill Carlson