Green Lake Magazine Green Lake Magazine 2012 - Page 49 | 49 920.230.4468 Oshkosh Complete Landscape Design & Construction Free Estimates Built-in Grills Outdoor Kitchens Fire Pits Brick Patios Walkways Retaining WallsNational Award Winning Design & Installation $4.5 million, including nearly 18,000 feet of shorelands on Silver Creek and Green Lake. And to top it off, most Conservancy projects have public access, some offering information kiosks and hiking trails. Finally, to underscore Green Lake Conservancys commitment to iViiVi]ʈʈʜiʜvÈ7VÈ nonprot land trusts recently selected by Gathering Waters Conservancy and Land Trust Alliance to voluntarily become a nationally accredited land trust through the Land Trust ViiViE>Vii*}> After nearly two decades of land trust service, the Green Lake Conservancy continues to hold steadfast, protecting land and waters in and around the Green Lake watershed. From rivers and lakes to farm elds and forests, Green Lakes natural capital delivers ecosystem services that benet everyone. Thomas L. Eddy is a founding member of the Green Lake Conservancy and serves as VP for Conservation. To make a donation or learn more, go to, phone (920) 294-3592, or email Photographs provided by Thomas L. Eddy.