Green Lake Magazine Green Lake Magazine 2012 - Page 47 | 47 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. Admission is free, food and beverages are available for purchase at the Green Lake Rotary booth, and live music is performed both days. August is Art Month in Green Lake. To promote it, banners painted by students, ɕͥ‘•¹ÑÌ°…¹Ù¥Í¥Ñ½É́…É”€)‘¥ÍÁ±…啐½¸Ñ¡”±¥¡ÐÁ½±•ÌÑ¡É½Õ Ñ¡”€)µ½¹Ñ °…¹Ñ¡•¸…Սѥ½¹•½™˜‰äÑ¡”€)ɕ•¸1…­” ¡…µ‰•ÈÉЁ9•Ñݽɬ¸)½Èµ½É”¥¹™½Éµ…Ñ¥½¸…‰½ÕЁѡ”€)¥¹”ÉÑ́M¡½Ü½ÈÑ¼…ÁÁ±äÑ¼‰”…¸€ i݅ˆLˆÌœÀ]ÊVœ˜Ì>VÌÊÕÞÊ,œÃÃLiÀ}Ê>ÌÊ̅iÊ Green Lake Arts Council at (920) 294- 6950 or visit Interested in painting a banner for a downtown light pole? Call the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at (800) 253-7354 or (920) 294-3231, email, or go to Jill Carlson is a freelance writer. One of the Midwest’s Finest Juried Art Shows Saturday & Sunday August 11 & 12, 2012 Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 10am-4pm Featuring over 100 Artists in:  Oil Paintings   Watercolors  Pottery  Stained Glass  Photography  Sculpture  Mixed Media 40th Annual Green Lake Fine Arts Show For Additional Information: Green Lake Arts Council 920.294.6950 and much more Continuous Live Music, Food & Beverages Fine Arts Show Celebrating 40 Years